Denny's once in a lifetime opportunity


In this great hobby Peter and I already have met some very nice people. In stores, at festivals, brand ambassadors, bloggers, hobbyists but all enthusiasts. I like to think that our own enthusiasm opens doors and brings us new opportunities and maybe someday we will get the chance to make a once in a lifetime whiskytrip. Denny Mac Taggart did get this chance and he took it, with both hands!

When we were at last year's International Whisky Festival Peter and I were talking to Thomas and Ansgar Speller, our colleagues from the WhiskySpeller blog, a guy literally bumped in to me, apologised and then recognised us. He introduced himself and a new whiskyfriendship was born. A lot of chats on Facebook later Denny told me he was invited to attend the very first edition of the William Grant & Sons Spiritschool. Wow!


Denny will tell you all about that on his own Facebook page but what I'd like to know is... How does a guy from Holland get an invitation for an event like this? Well, let's ask Denny

Jeroen: How and when did you become a brand ambassador/store consultant for William Grant at the airport?

Denny: It was in 2011 when i was hosting a wine tasting in a small restaurant in the Hague. Some ladies complemented me about the products. I replied, you should see me talking about single malt whisky, thàts my real passion. The lady was a manager for SAR at Schiphol and so I was asked to be the host of the whiskyfestival in de travel retail shops at Schiphol. After one year I was asked to move to William Grant. I was already involved in whisky trainings for the airport staff. And nowadays I'm in charge of promoting and selling our products.

Jeroen: Where did this whisky passion come from?

Denny: Well, I am the grandson of a Scottish soldier from WOII and i am very proud of that. I always have had affection with Scotland. Plus I never really liked beer and was immediately in love with the complexity of whisky and spirits. I love this industry and hope I can remain working in it for many years to come. Last week I was invited to attend a training week in Scotland and Ireland for Willam Grants first edition of their spiritschool. A wonderful experience that I will never forget. I met the most amazing people in the industry.

Jeroen: Nice to see you brought your family-roots into a hobby and finally to a fantastic job! I'll certainly read your stories about this fantastic trip! Thank you for sharing.

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