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Claxton's homework, part two

After the Campbeltown tasting we presented in our hometown Oss it's now time to get back to our Claxton's homework. This time we review two samples from the Spring Release 2019 whiskies. 

The weather in a big part of Europe isn't quite as warm and sunny as might be expected in may. Temperatures are still low enough to enjoy peated whisky just a little bit more so therefore we chose to combine the two peated ones in one review, a 7yo Caol Ila and a Heavily peated 13yo Loch Lomond. We hope you enjoy our thoughts.

We start with the youngest of the two. This Caol Ila was distilled in january 2012 and the spirit was matured in a refill hogshead. The colour is quite pale, a bit like white wine. No artificial colouring, that's for sure! That's just the way we like it. The ABV of this young Islay whisky is 60,0%... Let's have a try!

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: First a lot of smoke and bacon and peat. Later some sweet caramel, marmelade 
  • Taste: Peatsmoke again, but not too much. Chocolate, oak, orange and some herbs.
  • Finish: Medium long with smoke, marmelade and a bit of caramel at the end.

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Smoked bacon with some sweet honey notes. Lemon and a hint of caramel. Maybe even some creamy white chocolate. The sweet notes are more present than the peaty notes. Very tempting! 
  • Taste: Despite the age and the high ABV there's no agressive bite in the first sip. The nose represents the taste quite well. Friendly Caol Ila peat with some slightly bitter citrus and som sweet caramel notes.
  • Finish: Smoky barbecue and lemon zeste. Not very long but nevertheless this is a very nice dram!

Next up is the Heavily peated 13yo Loch Lomond. For both of us Loch Lomond is a whisky we haven't tried a lot. Maybe once or twice but that's it... We absolutely don't know what to expect from this whisky. We do know it's the first Loch Lomond bottled by Claxton's. We also know the spirit was distilled in 2005. After almost 14 years in a hogshead the whisky was bottled. The ABV on this one is 57,5%.

Notes by Peter

  • Nose: Fruity! Apple, grapes, fresh lemon, herbs like Laurel and a nice hint of peat. 
  • Taste: Creamy, soft peatsmoke, apple, vanilla, honey and herbs.
  • Finish: Nice! Herbs and a bit of peat.

Both Whisky's are very nice! If it comes to peat, Coal ila wins, if it comes to fruit Lochlomond wins. So Both get 83 points!

Notes by Jeroen

  • Nose: Allthough the label says Heavily peated, the nose isn't as peaty as an Islay style peated whisky. Of course it's there but on the nose it's quite subtle. There are some fruity notes as well. Some citrus and some berries. 
  • Taste: Warming mouthfeel, creamy too. The peat is more present in the taste. Some honey and citrus too. A hint of licorice to complete what I get from this one.
  • Finish: A nice length, the licorice and the peat last for some time. 

The Caol Ila delivered just what I expected. I didn't know what to expect from the Loch Lomond. Both are nice but in my opinion the Caol Ila is just a bit better. The nose makes the difference in score, 85 VS 83 points in my book. 

Thanks to Hugo Caprichoso at Claxton's for sending us these samples! Keep up the good work.

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