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The Whisky Shop Manchester

The past few days I've been in England with my family. A citytrip to Manchester followed by a three day stay at some very good friends in Burnley. I had some lovely drams in Burnley but that's not what this blog is about. It's about me visiting The Whisky Shop on Exchange Street. Here's an impression.

I had not done any homework on whiskyshops in Manchester whatsoever. This was a familytrip and it wasn't my intention to go and buy whisky. But when you walk past a shop like this you're just pulled in... Yoa all know what I mean don't you? It turned out to be a nice little shop with very friendly and helpfull personnel and a very nice collection of whisky.

Bourbons, Irish whiskey and of course Scottish whisky in different ages, from different distilleries. Official bottlings as well as some independent bottlings, just the way I like it. I did't quite like de prices on the bottles but hey, it's common knowledge that in the UK whisky is more expensive than in the Netherlands. 

As I was looking at a line up of Hunter Laing's Old Malt Cask bottlings one of the employees asked me if I would like to try one of them. I was offered to try an 11yo Mortlach, distilled in may 2007 and bottled in february 2019. No chill filtering or artificial colouring was done when it was bottled at an ABV of 50%. Of course I had a go at this one! Some very nice orange notes, some vanilla, a hint of spice and nice rough edge make it a whisky I would  like in my collection. The pricetag of 95 GBP however made me decide not to buy it though. In my opinion that's way too high for an 11yo whisky even if it's a very nice Mortlach that was bottled for the 21st anniversary of The Old Malt Cask series.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed my visit and I'm sure I'll visit again when I'm in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll pick up a bottle of something nice then.


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