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Wemyss Tweettasting

Remember last week, the post about the MacNair's Tweettasting I was part of? Well, this week there was another Tweettasting I was selected for. This time a very fine selection of Wemyss Malts were chosen to be reviewed by an online panel. Three of their Batch Strength bottlings and a very special Single Cask bottling were delivered earlier this week. A package that made me very happy and very curious at the same time.

I'm pretty sure I've tasted a few whiskies from the Wemyss Core Range. The Hive and the Peat Chimney have been in my glass a few years ago. I don't know for sure if I've tasted the Spice King as well. The Core Range all are blended malts and these expressions are bottled at an ABV of 46%. In this weeks Tweettasting the Batch Strength versions of The Hive, Spice King and Peat Chimney are served. Also blended malts but bottled at a higher ABV. All Wemyss Malts are bottled without chill filtering or adding E150. Just the way I like it...

The Hive, batch 002. 55,5%. Batchsize 9000 bottles. 

  • Nose: Sweet honey with some citrusnotes, mainly oranges and grapefruit. A hint of spice like a mixture of ginger and cinnamon. Adding some water pushes the spicy notes back leaving the orange well in front.
  • Taste: A bit peppery at first arrival. Gets sweeter and smoother at the second sip. Some floral notes here again with the citrus. Water results in a more sweet and fruity taste. 
  • Finish: Nice length. Oranges and spices with some barley sugar sweetness. Nice finish that developes into an orangetea mouthfeel.

At about a €55,00 retailprice this is a very nice batch strength and limited whisky! I wouldn't mind finding a bottle in my collection.

Spice King, batch 002. 58,0%. Batchsize 9000 bottles

  • Nose: Caramel sweetness. Spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. A touch of woodsmoke from charring. Later some dark fruits appear. Very different from The Hive. A drop of water doesn't change much here.
  • Taste: Full and creamy mouthfeel, not as peppery as The Hive. Sweet caramel, a touch of spice, ripe dark cherries and dried plums. A slight bitter note from dark chocolate. Some active sherry hogsheads were selected here. Water brings a more spicy taste with some cinnamon and a touch of black pepper. 
  • Finish: Nice length but a bit shorter then the finish on The Hive. Mainly caramel here with the return of the woodsmoke.

Again a very nice expression for a very good retailprice. Not as spicy as I would have expected though.

Peat Chimney, batch 002. 57,0%. Batchsize 9000 bottles

  • Nose: Subtle peat smoke. Smoked ham with a honey and soy sauce marinade. With water the nose doesn't change for me.
  • Taste: Smooth and creamy arrival, a bit like white chocolate. Sweet honey notes on smoked meat with some celery on the side. The celerynote disappears when water is added.
  • Finish: A long and warming finish. Subtle peatsmoke and creamy sweetness.

At almost €60,00 this truly is a very nice whisky. Especially on a dark and snowy winter night. 

Time to end the Tweettasting with an absolute gem. A single cask release named Smoky Nectar. It is a 35yo Caol Ila, distilled in 1983, which was matured in a hogshead. Charles MacLean selected theis specific hogshead to be bottled in 2018. This Caol Ila was bottled as the first Wemyss Cask Club Exclusive and is available to clubmembers at a price of around €350,00. The whisky was bottled at an ABV of 46% and the hogshead had an outturn of 213 bottles.

  • Nose: This is something else! Is this a peated whisky? Yes it is but it's an old one so the peatsmoke has faded. Some menthol or a bit of mint gives a fresh note on an otherwise dusty nose. Old books maybe? Anise notes pop up here as well. Water brings out some nice fruity notes.
  • Taste: Smooth and very sweet. The peatsmoke has survived on the palate but in a very subtle way. Sweet citrus and tropical fruit seems to find a way through and again there is just a hint of fresh mint. Water makes it a bit more creamy.
  • Finish: Not as long as the Peat Chimney but it's very nice. Sweet citrus, tea and a touch of smoke. 

Very well balanced! A magnificent example of a well matured Caol Ila.

I feel very privileged for having participated in this Tweettasting. Thanks Steve Rush @TheWhiskyWire and of course Wemyss Malts for making this possible! Are you interested in Wemyss Malts after reading this article? I recommend you to visit their website and become a Cask Club Member while you're at it.





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