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When English friends visit


My wife Antonia  has an international history from the time before she met me. She used to live and work in Spain and later on in England as well. This month we'll be married for 16 years but she still is in contact with her friends in the UK. One of her friends came over to Holland last weekend and she brought her boyfriend with her. What this has to do with whisky? Well, her boyfriend likes whisky so...

Wendy and John came over last thursday from their home in Burnley. They were staying in Amsterdam and we joined them there on fridaymorning. We would be staying in the same hotel for the night and on saturday we would travel the "the big city" of Oss. The friday schedule was filled with tourist things like a canalcruise and a visit to the Rijksmuseum. Walking from the Museum to the Leidseplein we passed the L&B whiskybar. That would be worth a visit too but it wasn't opened yet. The weather was fantastic and so we decided to have some beers at the Leidseplein first.

The first time we met John was in june 2017. That was the first time he tried some quality whisky's. Their visit to Holland would definately mean we would have some whisky together again. We had made plans to visit at least one whisky shop so John could buy a nice bottle to take home. Of course we would be having some drams in Oss as well but the first whisky's would be tasted at the L&B Whiskybar in Amsterdam.

I hadn't been there before but I did hear about this famous bar. It's a small and dark place but it really has an impressive whiskymenu! The ladies both don't drink whisky so they're having a gin & tonic (Wendy) and a Strongbow cider. John and I start of with a Dutch singlemalt whisky, the Millstone 12yo Sherry Cask. John is impressed by the quality of this whisky. There is time for a second dram and now it's a Tormore, bottled by Van Wees' The Ultimate. Again a very nice whisky in a great atmosphere. Even the ladies liked to be there allthough they don't like whisky.


Saturday started with a fire-alarm in the hotel. Not the best way to wake up but luckily there was no fire going on and we were up early for breakfast. Time to pack our things and leave Amsterdam to go to Oss. We drop our luggage at our home and then the ladies like to go to city center. We drive them there and then leave Oss to go to St. Oedenrode. What better place to take a whislylover to then The Old Pipe whiskystore? 

Johan van Boxmeer welcomes us and shows us around in his whisky paradise. We get to taste a very nice Old Pulteney 25yo as well. The second whisky we taste was the 25yo Cambus that was bottled by Claxton's. After letting it settle for a while to get rid of the solvent notes, John has a sip. He likes this one very much and this will be the bottle to take home. Of course I buy a bottle too before we head back to Oss.


Later that night it's time to have a nice whiskytasting. I open my whisky cabinet and we taste some of the whisky's, trying to explore John's favorite taste. It becomes clear that he likes the unpeated sherry matured whisky's most. With that in mind I select some of my whisky's to take samples from so John can explore even more back home. 

John, thanks for the visit and I hope you enjoy the samples and the bottle you bought.


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