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The wood makes the whisky, part 3

A few weeks ago Gordon & MacPhail was so kind to send us 4 lovely samples. The samples were carefully selected to represent their "Wood makes the whisky" campaign. Peter already wrote about the Bunnahabhain and the Ardmore. Now it's my turn to describe one of the samples.

The third sample is the Speyburn 1991, bottled for the Connoisseurs Choice series. It will be my very first dram of a Speyburn whisky so I'm very curious about it.


  • Nose: I get a bit of honey, almond, marzipan accompanied by some citrus, grapefruit like.
  • Taste: Citrus, vanilla and honey, just a little bit of spice. It's nice, it's very drinkable but not very special in my opinion.
  • Finish: I do like the finish. A little bit of woodsmoke seems to pop up here leaving a taste of smoked almonds and honey, and it lasts for quite a while.

I certainly wouldn't mind having this one in my collection but to be honest, I liked the first two samples just a little bit more.

Of course we thank Gordon & MacPhail for this sample. Three down, one to go. That will be my X-mas eve dram.


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