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Benromach Organic 2008

A few days ago the mailman delivered a very nice package from Scotland. The envelope was sent by the Gordon & MacPhail company and it contained two lovely samples. In fact, the samples came from a distillery Peter and I visited last year, the Benromach distillery in Forres. It's always nice to receive samples especially if you know a little bit more about the distillery.

One of the samples was the Benromach 10yo. A lovely Whisky that's for sure. We already added notes on this expression in this blog and in this blog  as well. Now it's time to focus on the other sample. The Benromach Organic 2008, a dram we also tasted at the distillery, is now up for a more detailed analysis.


Organic Whsiky means that every ingredient is produced in an organic, purely biological way. Benromach Organic is made using the finest certified organic ingredients and every step of the process is certified organic too. Maturation takes place in Virgin American Oak casks in the traditional dunnage warehouses at the distillery site. In 2006 the Benromach Organic was the very first fully certified Organic single malt Whisky. This is a sample of the 2008 edition. Distilled in 2008 that is so it was bottled as a 6yo Whisky. It has an ABV of 43%.


Nose: Sweet honey, a bit of vanilla and definitely banana.

Taste: A bit malty, just a little bit of spice, peppery. Tropical fruits are there as well. Adding a few drops of water opens it up just a bit. Nice balance but not a lot of body on this one.

Finish: It's a young Whisky but still it has quite a lasting finish. I even get a bit of a "banana split" sensation (do you know this ice cream dessert?). Vanilla ice cream, a banana, chocolate sauce and whipped cream... I like it!

In my opinion this is a lovely dram to enjoy on a nice warm summer evening. I would really like to try the spirit on a higher ABV though. I wonder how it would taste at 46% or even 48% but hey, that's just me. It's obvious that this a quality product from our friends at the Benromach distillery. After all, they should know best.


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