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Single Malt Whisky Group


OK that's it! 2014 has come to an end and the new year is on it's way. It's been a great year for WhiskyOss. We've published a total of 100 blogs last year and we roughly had 44000 pageviews on them. Thank's for that! And then there is that other big part of our hobby... Facebook and the Single Malt Whisky Group...

It was a few months  before the launch of our own website when I started this Facebook group. It was supposed to be an extra platform for us to announce our blogs. I invited some of my friends to join the group and slowly the group started to grow. Growth brought some uninvited guests and spam postings so I decided to make it a members only group. That was somewhere in the spring of 2014 and back then we had 159 members...

Today I accepted member 720 and we have members from all over the world now! Fantastic! I think this group now is the fastest growing Whiskyrelated Facebookgroup in the world... And if it isn't, it sure is the most friendly Whiskygroup in the world. No arguments, just friends telling eachother about their collections. Bloggers anouncing their blogs. Hobbyists swapping samples or sharing bottles.

A great example was newyearseve. From all over the world hobbyists posted pictures of their drams celebrating the start of a new year of exploring the Whiskyworld.

Have a good one everybody!

2020  Whisky Oss